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  • 06 2020-08

    china's ic industry picks up steam

    china's integrated circuit (ic) industry has seen steady growth in recent years and it will advance the country on the path of self-reliance based on booming domestic demand, industry analysts said wednesday. the us' crackdown on the nation's semiconductor sector has accelerated the pace of resea...

  • 19 2020-03

    cr micro project won the first prize of science and technology award of jiangsu province

    recently, the people's government of jiangsu province released the decision of jiangsu province on granting science and technology awards in 2019. 273 projects were awarded within the province and 45 projects won the first prize. the project "key technology and application for designing and manuf...

  • 14 2020-03

    dr. chen nanxiang from cr micro: sharing the status of temperature measuring industry

    on march, 13th, dr. chen nanxiang, the executive vice president of cr micro was invited to attend the meeting grandly held by jiweipreview jiweipreview idle talk. industrial experts and friends of jiweipreview shared the status of temperature measuring industry under the epidemic situation, which...

  • 01 2020-03

    cr micro: extending warmly welcome for being included in the msci china all shares index

    msci announced to include "cr micro" into msci china all shares index on february 28 at local time and the effective date is march 12.

  • 27 2020-02

    china resources microelectronics limited initially offered its shares to the public and was formally listed on the sse star market of shanghai stock exchange on february 27, 2020 (stock abbreviation: crm, stock code: 688396) . it is the birth date of the first share of red chip. crm issue price i...

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