in order to make the customers effectively manage their supply chains, the company provide convenient ways for customers in 24 hours per day and 7 days per week so as to get all kinds of online reports including the latest production status of products. the online reports provided by our company can facilitate the customers to timely inquire the information about the in-process silicon wafer, technological monitoring and yield. 


the whole set of 6 online services includes:

customer production logistics support

csmc provides real-time production and shipment status (wip, scrap, inventory, shipment date) via wafer fab shop floor system. within the logistic support link customers can also retrieve product mask lists and process control monitor data. csmc strives to simplify customer acces to current wip information and order shipment date status.


document access
        csmc registered customers can access process technology and device module option documentation via the document function. process technology datasheet and specifications are available for downloading and offline review. 

csmc information and forms
        to faciliate customer engagement with csmc, we provide a variety of legal and business documents in template form. registered customer will find csmc wafer manufacturing agreement and yield agreements templates along with nda and customer information documents. customers will also find an order flow chart for working with csmc and issuing new product design. 

quality system reports
        customers can gain access to quality system reports including process change notices, cpk, reliability and failure analysis documents. 

process design kits (pdk)
        to assist customers with their product development and simulation process, csmc customers can access technology process design kits via this e-service link. 

customer feedback
        csmc provides a downloadable feedback and commentary report in the event that customers wish to provide specific comments concerning csmc support services or products.


13131313.gif   how to place an order


 item brief flow csmc contact window
 1 fill incustomer info sheetsign ndaandletter stating intended use,(download)件 sales
 2 technical communication, apply for design rule from csmc sales, ce
 3 sign wafer foundry agreement & quality agreement sales
 4 selected process, sign engineering checklist ce
 5 quotation by csmc sales
 6 customer transmit database to mask house, csmc send tooling/frame to mask house ce
 7 issure purchase order to csmc and prepay for it sales
 8 order review at csmc, delivery due date confirmation sales
 9 wafer start & wip report sales
 10 complementary payment, delivery, issue invoice sales
 11 customer confirm quantity issue in 7 days, confirm quality issue in 2 months sales,engineering lot/ce, production lot/cqacqa