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the tv application includes the three functional sections  of 'power supply', 'main board' and 'screen driver'

● power supply: driven by high voltage dmos transistor, driven by linear regulator circuit, dc-dc circuit, driven by reference power supply circuit

● screen driver: driven by medium and low voltage dmos transistor

● main board: driven by low voltage low current dmos transistor

product list
tv power source
product model product encapsulation product category
cs10n15a4 to-252 mos
cw7805cz to-252 线性稳压电路
cw7805cs to-220 线性稳压电路
cw78m05cz to-252 线性稳压电路
cw1117cb-1.8 sot-223 ldo
cw1117cb-2.5 sot-223 ldo
cw1117cb-3.3 sot-223 ldo
cw1117a sot-223 ldo
cw431cs to-92 基准电源电路
cw431cb sot-23 基准电源电路
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