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 0.35um 3v/5v ms

        0.35 micron modular cmos technology for mixed signal product applications


        035mm是公司的标准数模混合工艺平台。0.35微米栅长, 双层多晶,四层金属. 应用于模拟方面的工艺,提供两种工作电压,mos晶体管,隔离晶体管,pip电容,多晶高阻等工艺模块。在设计规则和晶体管性能方面符合业界0.35微米cmos工艺标准。详尽的设计规则,精确的spice模型,模拟和数字单元库,ip以及开发工具包可以支持主要的eda工具供应商提供的平台。


 key features

- 3.3v logic layout & performance compatible with the industry standard

- 0.35-micron double poly,quadruple metal, n-well cmos basic process

- modular concept

- 5v dual gate module

- double poly capacitor

- high value poly resistor

- well isolated 3.3v and 5v devices

- i/o cell library with 4kv hbm esd protection levels

- typical and worst-case models - bsim3v3.2 ---mos, gummel poon---bjt, sub-circuit model---res&cap



- mixed signal product

- high precision mixed signal circuits

- dc-dc converter